Abundance in Business Consulting

Our philosophy is that the techniques you use and the style you adopt, produces the outcome you’re hoping for.

Executive Assistant & Training

How It Works

I will personally serve as your  virtual Executive Assistance.  During my service with you, I will draft a complete job description based on what I’m doing for you as well as policies and procedures.  Once we think we have identified your needs I will help you hire your personal assistant and train them to meet your needs. 

Timeframes & Pricing 

  • My services will last from 30 to 90 days based on your need. 
  • We will agree on the number of hours based on workload. My rate is $50 per hour
  • During my time, I will simultaneously draft policies, procedures, and job descriptions
  • I will curate your job posting with a hourly rate of your choosing, schedule and help you interview. 
  • I will have your new assistant trained in 30 days or less. 

Database, Project Management Systems, & Client Management Systems

Experienced and available to help you build your workflows, automations, document templates and much more in your chosen platform. 

Programs we love:

*Clickup (Everyone – Project Management) https://clockup.com/?fp_ref=jasmine68

*Planning Center (Churches)

*MyCase (Lawyers)

Drafting Full Service

Policy Guide

Drafting policies required to make your business run from top to bottom.

Procedure Manual

Step by step guide on completing vital office functions.

Employee Handbook and Training

Complete employee handbook and training for your staff provided by ABC training staff.


Project Manager, Training, Compliance Audits, Filing Completion, Application Packets


Just the Basics

Basic human resources policies. I.e. dress code, holidays, et cetera.



New Hire Package

Basic On-Boarding materials includes Just the Basics.



Complete job descriptions and heirarchy and management tools.


Infrastructure + Eval Points

Infrastructure plus performance evaluation information for each person.