My First Blog

For so long I have hidden who I truly want to be, because everyone proclaimed that I’m 

“doing too much”

Or that I was going to 

“wear myself out”

Or that I 

“can have it all… just not all at the same time.” 

These comments were sometimes followed by advice. These people would tell me to start one thing, get that done or at least down to a rhythm, and then move on to the next thing. I completely understand why thet would seem perfectly logical. I am sure that over the years, as a mom, I will also tell my girls, and hopefully one day my boys, the same thing. Even further, there are times when this advice is exactly right. For example, in my career as an attorney. When you are billing a client, I do exactly what these advisors proclaim, focus on one thing then move on to the next.

On the other hand, I admit that I definitely tried to do it all at the same time, frequently starting and subsequently stopping things. The truth is I was hiding the whole plan.  I wanted my projects to seem simple, I wanted it to appear that the idea wouldn’t take too much time. I wanted the business to get approval from others, so I would hear those “oh so empowering statements” from before. I created one small project after another, because they were not fulfilling my true desires. I hid that my true passion and goals are truly in alignment with who I am, complex, daunting and involved… but most importantly WELL ROUNDED!

Hello, I’m Mz. 3 Dimenzional as my Pretty in Pink and Gorgeous in Green sorority sisters would refer to me as.  As far back as 2011, they saw in me a person who valued every aspect of life, balanced, yet full.

But… obviously… you can call me

Jasmine Fields!  

This is the place where I am going to be authentically me.  Why do you care to follow me you may be asking, because I am on a journey to reach the most absurd and obnoxious and scary goals of my life and I am going to take you with me, both as a spectator and if you will have me as your

educator, accountability partner and coach. 

My mission in life is to empower people to live their best lives through education, coaching, and accountability. 

These are the places I’m going:

  • A Proverbs 31 military, married, mom-prenuer
  • A mommy of two wonderful girls & IVF-GS mom of twin boys
  • An everyday millionaire & retired multi-millionaire
  • A hot wife to a handsome Sailor
  • Multiple business entrepreneur
  • A family homesteader with grandparents on the same property
  • Black Community Rebuilding Advocate!

You are going to be able to connect with me and watch me learn and succeed through

Over are the days that I live in fear thinking that I am doing something wrong because I’m not niching down.  I’m done hiding my true passion and desire to help people get from the bottom to the top, especially those who look like me. 

Today, is the day that we move in the new direction.  The truth is I’m no expert, I’m a woman of God with a full life and knowledge to share.  Will I help the most elite, maybe, once I make it, but right now, I’m focusing on those who are struggling, who are urning for something better, and those who are just ready to make a change for the better. 

Let’s move people!

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