Are you ready to help a young person and set up the next generation for success?
Finally, you can teach them the life skills they must know even if you yourself never learned.

  • You want the best for your student?
  • You want to teach them how to be a successful adult?
  • You don’t have all the answers?
  • You have the best intentions but limited time?

Imagine the pride and peace that you will feel when your student graduates from high school with next steps mapped out and you know without a shadow of a doubt that they are fully prepared to maintain their health and home, prosper in their finances, identify health peer groups, set and execute their goals and so much more. 

Right now, you think that sounds nice, but do I have the time, do I have the resources, and you may even be thinking I don’t even have my life in order, how can I help them?

Restoring HOPE is a youth membership organization that provides you with everything you need to deliver 33 practical life skills lessons for students in 6th to 12th grade, covering all aspects of life.

Program Includes
  • Electronic platform
  • 33 Meetup Sets
    • Student Handouts
    • Facilitator Resource Guide
    • Meetup Presentations
    • At least 66 activities
    • Mentor Chat Prompts
    • And more!

Each Meet Up includes the following components

  • Meet Up Download: Presentation and presenters notes for a 20 minute lesson
  • Meet Up Activity: A 15 minute activity to practice doing what they just learned in the Meet Up Download
  • Home Implementation: An at home activity for the student-member to practice what they learned in their real world environment
  • Mentor Chat: A prompt and discussion board that the student-member uses to start a conversation with their mentor. 
  • Bonus – Professional Portfolio & Blessings Binder Builders
  • Annual Trackers: 30 Scholarship Applications & 12 books in a Year

Quick Facts

33 Complete Lessons

Membership year runs from September to July

Annual Conference first weekend in August

Student Leadership Opportunities

Level 1 Meet Ups

  • Spiritual
    • Praying
    • Studying the Word
    • Speaking by Faith
  • Education
    • Studying
    • Reading
    • Writing
  • Self Image
    • Goal Setting
    • Using a Planner
    • Journalling
  • Health & Fitness
    • Fueling your Body with Food
    • Reading Food Labels
    • Cardio
  • Finance & Wealth
    • Different Types of Financial Institutions
    • Earning Money
    • Spending Plan
  • Love
    • Honesty & Transparency
    • Words of Affirmation
    • Quality Time
  • Contribution
    • Choosing an Organization
    • Understanding Office
    • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Business & Career
    • Types of Jobs
    • Career Planning
    • Job Applications
  •  Family
    • Reading & Cooking from a Recipe
    • Dishes
    • Cleaning
  • Social
    • Expressing How you Feel
    • Etiquette
    • Handwritten Thank You’s
  • Hobbies & Recreation
    • Basic Handyman Tools
    • Sewing on a Button
    • Memorializing the Moment

Chapter Types

Membership runs from September to August.   

During the membership year, you can set a calendar that works for you and your students.  Your materials will include the headquarters calendar which will your students to really be engaged in the national level. 

The annual conference is the first weekend in August and is planned by our student council. 

Our annual conference combines fun with learning as students from across the United States come together for intensive meetups, awards ceremonies, and our Mr. & Ms. HOPE Competition. 

The commitment is generally about 2 hours during the week that you have a session, depending on how big your facilitator group is. 

Your facilitator group can work together to schedule individuals in your community to present the Meet Up Download, dramatically decreasing the amount of time committed per person on your team.